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South Village is much more than a place to live. Each house is attractive, unique and privately owned, yet South Village is also a community with abundant opportunities to cultivate friendships, connect with nature and have fun.


The homes at South Village are clustered together into pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods where people get to know each other. Neighbors wave from their front porch and stop to chat on an evening stroll. Kids meet up to ride their bikes. Friends come together to share a meal, tend a community garden or check on the chickens.


South Village residents also share a unique opportunity to explore the natural world. With 150 acres of common land, forever protected from development, the landscape’s natural beauty is part of daily life, as are hawks, foxes, wildflowers and sunsets. A 4-acre organic farm produces fresh food that travels less than a mile from field to plate. Sharing an appreciation for this open land and working landscape brings the residents of South Village together in new and unexpected ways.


South Village offers a quality of life that’s rarely found in today’s world. Like rural Vermont, it has open land and a working landscape. Like the suburbs, it offers convenience and autonomy. And like a village, it has beautiful homes and friendly neighbors.

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